Head Teacher

Mr G Edwards

Deputy Head Teacher

Miss S Smith

School administrators

Mrs K Waring

Mrs Tierney


Mrs G Lunn – F2

Mrs A Booth – Year 1

Miss S Smith and Mrs Farrell – Year 2

Miss C Piper – Year 3

Mrs J Cardus – Year 4

Mr Hadfield – Year 5

Mr M Studley – Year 6

Miss J Morris– Language base and SENDco

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Whitty– Language Base

Mrs S Summers – Language Base

Miss H Hughes – F2

Miss L McGarry – F2 and Pre - School

Mrs P Cotgrave – F2

Miss H Condron - Year 1 and Year 5

Mrs L Greenlees - Year 1 and Social and Emotional Support

Mrs A Williams - Year 2

Miss N Coleman- Year 3 and PPA cover

Mrs S Gurney – Year 4

Miss E Gadi – Year 6

 Mrs D Morgan – Pre School

Mrs S Birchall – Pre School

Mrs L Stuart – Pre School

Miss J Nicolson – Pre School

Mrs D Lloyd - Pre School

Mr M Fletcher – Pre School

Mid – Day Staff

Mrs Wellsman

Mrs K O’Neill

Miss C Blanca

Miss N Parr

Mrs Boyne

Mrs Q Yu

Pastoral Lead

Mrs J Sutton


Mrs J Jones

Assistant Cooks

Mrs T Smith

Mrs C Harley

Mrs C O'Hagan

 Site manager

 Mr E Jackson


Mrs C Croft

Mrs G Croft

Mrs K O’Neill


Mr J Wilson Chair of Governors

Mr P Bentley

Mrs L Hanley

Mrs C Baker

Mrs S Gurney

Mrs M Evans

Mrs S Farrelly

Mrs S Darby

Mrs S Marriott